While we have our favorite featured brands to work with, we know that what you’re looking for is an incredible gifting experience for your guests, and sometimes that requires creative sourcing for gift ideas and new brands to work with. No two events are created equal, and we pride ourselves in treating each gifting opportunity uniquely.

We have become widely known in the corporate gifting space for our gift sourcing and often have clients approach us for our sourcing expertise. The events industry is all about relationships, and because we focus 100% on event gifting, we have relationships with hundreds of brands, stores, and international gift sources.

Here are some examples of creative sourcing solutions we’ve done for our clients:

  • Local onsite experiences like candle-making, cooking classes, or chocolate-making for domestic and international events

  • Pre-event gift bags for international events, featuring local gifts and gifts that will be useful on the trip

  • Custom officially-licensed jersey design experience for NBA and NFL teams

  • High-end handbag and tech gifts for a marketplace event for international guests

  • Local room drop and onsite experience gifts for Caribbean and European events

If you’re stuck on a gift idea for your event, we’d love to help! Let us know what you’re looking for and let our sourcing experts go to work for you.