Whether you're planning for a corporate event, company retreat, wedding, or any other event, let us help you brighten up your event with an incentive gift for your clients, guests, or employees.

We have amazing staff that can come on-site to serve your guests and fit them perfectly with a gift, and we also have a brand new drop-shipping service to deliver your gifts in style.

We'd love to come up with a customized gift experience that suits you perfect, so just let us know what you're thinking!

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Step 1 - Talk to us

We want to know everything possible about your event and your guests so that we can help craft the perfect gift experience. Helpful details include:

  • Where is the event?

  • Who are the guests?

  • What is the message?


Step 2 - We Customize Gift Experiences for You

Our experienced staff will take all of your information into account and come up with the gift experiences that we believe best fit your event and guests.  Whether it is the Blue Jean Experience, the TOMS experience, any of our standard gift experiences, or a completely customized option just for your event.

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Step 3 - gift experience Proposal

Once we've compiled our favorite gift experiences for your event, we will present you with our thoughts and have a discussion about what direction you'd like to go. We will make any changes you'd like and won't stop until we find the best fit for you and your event.


Step 4 - Relax...We take care of the rest

After we've agreed upon the best incentive gift experience for your event, IGC will make sure everything goes smoothly, including:

  • shipping

  • logistics

  • on-site setup or dropshipping details