New Name. Same Company. Introducing IGC.

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We at Blue Jean Events are excited to announce that we are changing our company name to:

International Gifting Company

This new name is a more accurate description of our business, since about 40% of all of our events are done internationally. We wanted to emphasize this as our specialty, and what better way to do that than to put it in our company name? After all, we are more than just a blue jeans company-  and it’s time our name reflects that. We work with 200+ brands to create unique and exciting gift selections for events that perfectly fit our clients’ varying needs, budgets, and demographics.
Everything you love about Blue Jeans Events’ business and services will remain the same, with the exception of our logo and our name. We’ll keep providing our renowned selection of diverse luxury gifts for every event, now under the name of International Gifting Company (IGC).
Lady Fuller