Almost all of the items in our gift bars can be branded in one way or another, if that is important for your event. In the past, it has been very important to some clients to put logos on every gift they give, and while we can absolutely do that for most gifts, we encourage to consider alternative ways of branding.

Most clients tell us that the purpose for giving gifts to their guests at events is to show their appreciation, incentivize them, and most of all to help them remember the experience. They aren’t trying to ask their guests to serve as marketing assets when they use their gift, so why then would they want to brand the gift in a way that might make the guest less likely to use it as often?

There are so many ways to brand items that will make guests 1. More likely to use the gift more often and 2. Remind the guest about the experience and why they were given the gift.

Here are some creative ways we’ve branded items for our clients that are more thoughtful than splashing the logo across the gift:

  • Applying iron-on logo tags to the inner lining of jeans and jean jackets in our Blue Jean Bar

  • Creating custom bag tags for handbags and backpacks

  • Branding the inner lining of bags

  • Putting sandals and footwear into custom shoe boxes or shoe bags

  • Designing shoe inserts with the company logo

  • Creating custom sunglasses cleaning cloths or cases

If you’re searching for creative ways to gift your guests with branded items, let us know and we’d be happy to suggest and design options for you.