The Blue Jean Bar is our signature experience, and where we got our start in onsite gifting experiences. Guests are fitted with incredible premium denim and the reaction is always a huge highlight of the trip — blue jeans are the type of gift that you don’t know you wanted until you get a personalized fitting with high-quality denim and we see guests (especially busy executives) fall in love with their jeans right there as we fit them.

Our Jean Bar got its start in 2009 when our blue jean stores began to hold large scale blue jean fittings at corporate campuses around the country, namely in Silicon Valley like Google, Oracle, and Facebook.

The initial idea of the company, which was originally called Blue Jean Events, was to bring retail to busy professionals. We knew that our customer base in the stores was often working and taking care of family, so we aimed to re-create pop-up retail stores for the corporate executive. We had so much success that we were asked repeatedly to come on-site with many Fortune 500 companies to their annual meetings, President’s Clubs, incentive trips, and retreats.

We have expanded to offering jean jackets which have been incredibly popular with men and women, thanks to our variety of styles and colors available.

Jean Bar Flow

Guests come up to our jean bar and we ask them their size, favorite styles and fits, and any other preferences, and give them 2-4 styles to try on, then they go to our pop-up fitting rooms to try them on.

We have a jean specialist in the fitting room area to give suggestions and go grab other sizes and styles to try, it's a very interactive and personalized experience.

Once each guest has their pair of jeans / jean jacket, our staff will enter their choice into a spreadsheet check-out that we have on a nearby laptop stand to make sure we know exactly which guests have received their jeans, and who still remains, as well as exactly what each guest received in case we need to exchange or do a special order.

Jean Bar Specifics

IGC will provide pop-up dressing rooms and basic decor (shearlings, a pop-up “Jean Bar” sign, succulents, crates for display).

Here are the main brands we work with: DL1961, Fidelity, Big Star, Levi's (premium styles for very large sizes), Henry & Belle, Slink, Mia & Moss, Judy Blue. We bring a blend of brands and styles to make sure we can have lots of options for guests and fit every shape and size.

Most jeans come size 34” length, and we recommend that if guests need them hemmed they take them to their tailor at home.

Jean size ranges:

Men: 29” - 48” | Women: 24” - 3XL

Jean jacket size ranges:

Men: S - 3XL | Women: XS - 3XL