International Gifting Company (IGC), got its start in 2009 when our president and owner’s blue jean stores (The Blues Jean Bar) began to hold large scale blue jean fittings at corporate campuses around the country, namely in Silicon Valley like Google, Oracle, and Facebook.

The initial idea of the company, which was originally called Blue Jean Events, was to bring retail to busy professionals. We knew that our customer base in the stores was often working and taking care of family, so we aimed to re-create pop-up retail stores for the corporate executive. We had so much success that we were asked repeatedly to come on-site with many Fortune 500 companies to their annual meetings, President’s Clubs, incentive trips, and retreats.  

We then split the company off into its own business which has been recently rebranded into IGC. We are increasingly leaned on by large events due to our ability to understand the retail experience outside of a retail store, and have a customer-centric approach to gifting that puts the client at the center of the experience, rather than the brand. We want our clients to feel we have created an experience that will last well beyond the program, and live in the hearts and minds of the attendees for months/years to come. Our company motto is: Make it Personal. This is how we vow to treat each other, as well as each guest, client and vendor. Good old fashioned customer service goes a long way.

We work with more than 250 vendors, more than any other incentive company in the marketplace, which allows us to host multi-branded pop-up shops/marketplace events on site, which is rare across the industry. We also have the ability to fulfill large scale orders and build the technological interfaces to allow the host to know in real time what attendees have received a gift, who hasn't and show a real time break down of what each attendee has received.